QF Visitor Center






Qatar Foundation has established itself as an international standard for non-profit organizations. One of the purposes of a Visitor’s Center is to narrate a story.  In order to understand how the story should be narrated, we look to Qatar Foundation’s vision for guidance; to be a forerunner in productive change.  Change is dynamic and non-linear.  Therefore, a non-linear and infinite expression will add meaning and dimension to the narrative.

The Story is narrated with a time loop superimposing the past, present, future.

It is universally perceived that the past, present and future are on a one-dimensional linear path.  Analytically, we conclude that the past, present and future are superimposed.  Philosophically, the past, present and future loop in a continuous sequence while being superimposed upon each other. Elaborating on this concept and applying it to the Visitor’s Center, the path of circulation becomes a physical representation of the time loop.  This path leads visitors on a journey where the past, present, and future are experienced in a non-linear manner.  Furthermore the path loops, has no beginning and no end.

As the past is perceived in the building, visitors then understand the importance of history and how it aids future development.

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